Wood speaks to me.  Bodies speak to me. They are both flawed, and reveal and conceal much of what lies within them. They may seem unharmed on the outside, but inside time, the environment and the stresses of living are taking their toll. I carefully choose my materials and models by looking at their surface beauty and flaws but more importantly their hidden language. The excitement of discovering that which is not apparent, and then having to rethink, change my mind, make mistakes, make new plans, leads me to wonderful moments of creativity.
Daybreak - 2009
wood, found objects, 18"x14"x16"h
Liberty - 2008
carved wood, 16"x15"x32"h
Predator and Prey - 2013
carved wood, 26"x19"x29"h
Dreaming - 2012
carved walnut, 19”x22”x11”h
Double - 2011
carved wood, 13"x11"x23"h
Worn out lady - 2009
carved wood, 12”x14”x24”h
Hear No Evil - 2007
wood, paper, wire, 8"x14"x 22"h
See No Evil - 2007
paper, wood, 14”x13”x10”h
Last Dance - 2007
carved cherry, 16"x16"x38"h
Family - 2005
carved fruitwood, 6”x12”x19”h
Figure in Motion - 2002
carved maple, 9”x12”x20”h
Turning Figure - 2004
carved walnut, 48"x17"x14"h
Elongated Figure - 2003
carved wood, 35”x14”x18”h
Leaning Figure - 2004
carved wood, 12”x14”x31”h
Lying Figure - 2002
catalpa wood, 23”x13”x9"h